A Hat for the Dino Lover in Your Life

hatThere are so many crochet projects I want to get done for Christmas, I am starting now so I might have a chance at getting most of them done. The first one I wanted to tackle was a hat for my 9-year-old little sister. She is a budding paleontologist, so it was an obvious choice when it came to the pattern for her. (When I say ‘budding paleontologist’, I’m totally serious. She knows more about dinosaurs than any single person I’ve ever met.) I think she’s totally going to love the stegosaurus beanie I made for her. It only took maybe 2 hours total work time to finish it, and I think it’s my best piece yet! I chose a Bernat brand worsted 4 ply yarn for the multicolored beanie, and Red Heart Super Saver worsted 4 ply for the spikes and border. I love the Bernat brand, it’s relatively inexpensive and super soft. Red Heart is a little rough, but it worked perfectly for this project. I wanted to pick colors for her that were at least a little girly, as dino things geared toward girls aren’t terribly easy to come by. Not a lot of girls begging their parents for dinosaur shirts and hats, I guess. Anyhow, here is a link to the free pattern! I can’t wait for my sister to open this up on Christmas morning!


Quick Ribbed Headband

IMG_1265Just a short blurb today about this super cute and easy ribbed headband with a ruffle rose. This took me about 30 minutes total to make! I made two, one for Daisy and one for a friend’s niece. Now that I am getting faster and a little better at crochet, I have project ideas for literally every baby I know. I’m quickly turning into a 21-year-old granny. Click to see the free pattern! Below you will see Daisy modeling the headband in her Halloween PJ’s. Judging by the second photo, I’d say she likes the headband 😉

IMG_1262 IMG_1261


Baby Leg Warmers!

IMG_1254Let me start by saying, don’t judge me for my crooked rows. This is the second pair of leg warmers I have crocheted, and this pattern was a little more complicated than the first one I made. Daisy looks adorable in them, anyway (she’d look adorable in a brown paper sack…which isn’t saying much for my leg warmers I suppose). These little gems will come in handy when my munchkin starts crawling. Which could be any day now, and I’d hate for her knees to get rug burns!


This super cute pattern happens to come from a fellow WordPress blogger! Her blog is awesome, with tons of free patterns. Click here to check it out! The pattern is for 6-9 month olds, but I had to shrink it down quite a bit for Daisy. Her legs don’t have any big baby rolls yet!

I also whipped up some little teethers for Daisy. I had some old, slightly coarse yarn lying around and no idea what to do with it. It occurred to me that the yarn would probably be fairly absorbent. I crocheted a few simple small shapes with the yarn, and ta-da! Baby teethers. They can be wet down with cold water, and Daisy loves to chew on them. These are something I can make in a matter of minutes for friends with teething babies.


I had no idea how to crochet an oval before this, and I totally winged it. I think it came out pretty good! The heart shape is a free pattern I found online. Click here to see it! That’s all the crochet fun I have for today. With the snow we’ve gotten, I’m inspired to embark on some warm winter projects! Those will be up soon.