A Hat for the Dino Lover in Your Life

hatThere are so many crochet projects I want to get done for Christmas, I am starting now so I might have a chance at getting most of them done. The first one I wanted to tackle was a hat for my 9-year-old little sister. She is a budding paleontologist, so it was an obvious choice when it came to the pattern for her. (When I say ‘budding paleontologist’, I’m totally serious. She knows more about dinosaurs than any single person I’ve ever met.) I think she’s totally going to love the stegosaurus beanie I made for her. It only took maybe 2 hours total work time to finish it, and I think it’s my best piece yet! I chose a Bernat brand worsted 4 ply yarn for the multicolored beanie, and Red Heart Super Saver worsted 4 ply for the spikes and border. I love the Bernat brand, it’s relatively inexpensive and super soft. Red Heart is a little rough, but it worked perfectly for this project. I wanted to pick colors for her that were at least a little girly, as dino things geared toward girls aren’t terribly easy to come by. Not a lot of girls begging their parents for dinosaur shirts and hats, I guess. Anyhow, here is a link to the free pattern! I can’t wait for my sister to open this up on Christmas morning!