Update 2/11/2014 – DIY Mug!

Ok I know this update is a little late. I’m supposed to update on Saturdays, and it’s Tuesday. BUT, I had food poisoning/the flu (not sure which) this week and it set me a little bit behind on everything. So there was nothing to blog about on Saturday. I finished a custom order for two hats, and now I am moving on to a baby hat/booties/blanket set! I am really excited about it, it’s my biggest order yet and I think it’s going to be super cute! I haven’t made the booties before, so I’m making a practice pair for my Daisy to be sure they come out perfect. In the mean time, I did a spontaneous craft project today that turned out to be really fun! And so, SO easy. I’m sure you have probably seen this DIY mug idea before, it’s all over the internet. But in case you haven’t, I’ll post the instructions here with photos of my own. You only need three things:

  • A white mug of any shape or size. I got mine at Wal Mart for $3, and they actually have a pretty cute selection of different white mugs. I know that most dollar stores also carry them.
  • Sharpies of any color. The fine tip work best.
  • An oven set at 350 degrees.

Simply draw your design on the mug, and set in the oven for 30 minutes. Couldn’t be ANY easier, right? This is the first one I’ve made, but with how well it turned out I might end up making a whole collection. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so my mug is a quote that I love from the books.





Make sure you set your mug on a baking pan! This would be a really fun project for kids, too. Or a fun gift. The possibilities are pretty much endless with these!


That’s it for today, I will update with the baby booties next!


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